Joge-e: When Kawaii Wasn’t a Thing in Japan

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Joge-e (上下絵 2-way picture) are special playful images (asobi-e) that were often created in the Meiji era in Japan. These images can be viewed from the top, or the bottom. You can rotate the image if you prefer! ? These were created by Yoshitora, 1862. Left column, top to bottom (in parenthesis, the image you see upside down): 1. Tadafumi (Gedo, an evil person), 2. Hunter (Frog), 3. Small tengu (Big tengu), 4. Bad guy (Bad guy). Center: 5. Two-horned demon (One-horned demon), 6. Kasane, possessed female character in famous Kabuki play (Ugly man), 7. Daruma (Daruma). Right: 8. Foreigner (Ainu), 9. Nio guardian (A-un guardian). Source: Pink Tentacle

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