The Japanese Tradition: Sushi

HT: Random Wire "The humor is so dry [...] credit for them goes to a group called Rahmenz (ラーメンズ), and released by Japan Culture Lab. They’re a great homage to all the over-used clichés and stereotypes about Japan...

Wakayama’s Tama Train

by Ooosan_003 Before Tama's arrival, the local Kishigawa Line was near-bankrupt. Appointing Tama as station master was initially an excuse to keep the cat at the station, since no pets were allowed there. During her tenure, Tama had contributed an estimated 1.1...


Foreigner: What’s an ‘ikumen’? Japanese: It’s a man who helps with taking care of his children Foreigner: … you mean a "father"? Japanese: ………. HT: Rocket News...

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