Hello there!
I ♥ レトロ & Retro, Japan & Okinawa. I ♥ Dogs, Cats & Cat-Dogs aka Foxes. I ♥ Toys -specially Dolls-, Cute stuff, Not so cute stuff, Graphic Design, Drawings, Doodles, Fonts, Calligraphy & Crafts. I ♥ watching Cooking Videos, although I can’t cook. I ♥ Pizza (how original) & Beer (even more original), Sandwiches too (although that’s cheating because everything can be made into a sandwich). I ♥ Jokes, Slang & Puns. I ♥ my Computer & the Internet. I ♥ Kendama (I’m bad at it). I ♥ lots of Songs & Movies (I should make a list, seems I ♥ that too). So, I kinda ♥ Everything that’s made with ♥ 🙂
I don’t like mosquitoes, I hate those.

Thank you for your visit!
(*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

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